• Ostoskorisi on tyhjä


Watercolours have an ethereal, subtly powerful quality that I began experimenting during the early days of my path as an artist. Watercolours are a lovely match with Finland's nature: the lakes that shift colour depending on the clouds, the forest and its creatures, the happiness that is born of silence. Many of my watercolour paintings are also available as poster prints.

Winter day

A winter's day at dusk. A flock of flaxwings in the forest, captured in a winter painting. Quietly whiling away the hours, the winter scenery gradually changing colour all around them. A watercolour painting captures the feeling, the subtle beauty of winter. Bird painting but a witer feeling.

Seagull in Flight

Segulls and summer. Jonathan the seagull never tires of learning to fly, to go higher, find a sense of liberation. A beautiful summer's day with open skies is like a canvas. What does freedom look like? This seagull painting captures a moment in time..fleeting and beautiful as summer.

Birds of  winter

Come winter, Nordic nature goes quiet. But not all birds have migrated. A flock of tits stays put, carrying on with life. This winter landscape painting was inspired by their courage to stay put. Sub-zero temperatures and snowy landscapes. Bird painting that was inspired by their beauty and persistence.

Contemporary Finnish Art

Watercolour paintings by Paavo Stenius. Watercolour paintings as subtle as Finland's nature. Landscapes bird paintings and more. Discover more in the shop.