• Ostoskorisi on tyhjä


Artist collaboration with MARITA HUURINAINEN


Private exhibitions:

-2022  Helsinki Munkkiniemen taidelainaamo, Wolverine knows the paths of the forest.

2022 Espoo Marita Huurinainen, Art center Ainoa, Art meets Fashion.

2021 Mikkeli, Forest behind the apple trees.
Summer Exhibition.

2019 Jyväskylä, "Winter exhibition", home gallery and garde          

2017 Jyväskylä, "The sing echoes from far North", home gallery and garden   

2017 Pieksämäki, “The flying red admiral”, palvelutalo Abeli            

2015 Helsinki, ”Recipient of spring and brothers of the red blade”, Gallery Rupla

2014 Helsinki, ”Laughter in the space”, L3 Makasiini

2014 Äänekoski, ”Good chair to sit on”, Hoikkassali      

2014 Oulu, ”I dance on the Milky Way”, Gallery Kulttuuribingo

2013 Jyväskylä, "Exhibition", Bar Vakiopaine                

2012 Jyväskylä, "My colourful world", Gallery Gummerus                             

2011 Vaajakoski, "Oil paintings", Vaajakoski library                  

2010 Vaajakoski, "Men in sauna", Vaajakosken Wanha Voimala                     

2008 Jyväskylä, "On the traces of the black woodbecker", Gallery UTU             

2002 Jyväskylä, "Water paintings", Jyväskylä main library                 

Group exhibitions:

2023 Helsinki, Identity Art Exhibition. Finnish spirit.
    2022 London, Nordic Winter Exhibition, Fiumano Clase Galleries, Cadogan Fine Arts.    

2021 London Nordic Summer Art exhibition, Clase Fine Art.


2017 Praha, ”Prague Art Cocktail” International Exhibition in Prague, The „U ZLATÉHO KOHOUTA“ Gallery  

2017 Rome, Rosso Cinabro, Contemporary Art in Rome  


2017 Berlin, “Kunst lives matter” Galerie Marzia Frozen                         


2016 Helsinki,”The workshop wizard”, Konepajan Bruno           



Additionally several art exhibitions in different senior homes of the city of Jyväskylä from 2005 to 2013.


-         First prize in the Oktoberfest art competition of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce in 2014.