June already. The first half 2020 is nearly gone, can you believe it? No need to say it’s been an unusual spring Even though here in Finland it’s been less extreme than in many other places, life is still far from normal and the past few months have been...unusual. Normally, springtime is my favourite season. The increasing levels of light, the warmth that gradually melts the snow, the colours that slowly come back to life. And the migrating birds that bring a summery soundscape.

This year was a little different, but I’m lucky to surrounded by nature. The woodlands around my home and atelier aren’t bothered by the virus. The cranes that once again returned like clockwork in mid-April, the apple blossoms, and even the fox! Ok, this spring we did have some snow in May, which was not so expected - or inspiring! But being surrounded by all this is a reminder that life - or should I say nature? - goes on as normal. Indeed, it's got me inspired to create something new and I’m looking forward to sharing the works that’ve kept me busy shortly.  

For now, this time of the year means Midsummer is just around the corner. With another summer solstice almost here, I got to thinking about what the meaning of midsummer is. It’s always a magical time at these latitudes. A few years ago, I got inspired to put one essential part of it onto the canvas. The Midnight Sauna painting is my expression of what Finnish sauna is like. The sun that barely sets, the lakesides and crackling fire.

It's also one of the first works I did using recycled materials. With everything that's been happening in the world of late, the need to take care of the environment seems more important than ever. There's been talk about the circular economy. I'm looking to do my part by using as many recycled elements as possible to create my art. Recycled art, ecological art, whatever it is called to create art that tries to flow with nature.