• Ostoskorisi on tyhjä

Paavo Stenius

Paavo Stenius is a Finnish artist known for his colourful style of modern expressionist art that celebrates nature, recycling and the bright side of life. Lively colour schemes and themes inspired by Finnish nature define Paavo’s signature style of contemporary art that's constantly evolving - just like nature. Finnish landscapes are a never-ending inspiration behind Paavo's work: as the seasons change, so does the palette. Bear paintings and owl portraits, Finnish landscapes on canvas, all portrayed in modern expressionist style and featuring recycled materials collected. Read on.


Contemporary Finnish art

Seasons change and so does art. That perfect summer's day, crisp autumn apples and the season’s first snow. All of these have inspired Paavo over the years, to result in a portfolio that’s born out of a deep appreciation of nature. Bear painting, lake painting, forest painting; it’s all here. Finnish art in bright colours with a modern expressionist edge. Looking for something to brighten up the day? Modern Art from Finland, recycled art or just a uniquely colourful piece of Finnish art? Choose between original artwork and posters – or get in touch to enquire about our Rental Art options.