• Ostoskorisi on tyhjä

Oil Paintings 2004-2005

There was a period of transition for me around this time. Moving from the subtlety of watercolours to expressing that same sense of appreciation for something - but through a different medium: oil paintings. There's something about the depth and decisiveness that comes hand-in-hand with oil painting that I felt drawn to. I got to a point where I wanted to express the subtleties of life, but also make it more firm. Recognising the subject, then
setting them on canvas.

After the rain

After the rain. An oil painting of Päijänne. The Finnish lake district is stunning and always in subtle motion. Summer in Finland is filled with light, midnight sun and delicate colours. Finnish forest is an endless inspiration. Finnish lakes too. The beauty of it comes to alive especially after light summer rain. The colours appear more luminous, the air is fresh and the purity is tangible. 

Snow is melting

After each winter, there comes the spring:  rays of sunshine that caress the snow, gradually gently melting it away. Giving space to the forest green. Rugged earthy shapes uncovered as the snowy cover fades out to give way to spring. This is one of my favourite times of the year; the beauty of spring and restoration of life in plain sight. This painting is of a forest near my hometown. I return there regularly but something about this particular afternoon has always remained special. Soft, pastel hued sunshine, the remaining snow reflecting the sky.

First snow

Nature scenes in November can appear barren. Everything changes when the first snowfall comes. There's something magical about Nordic forests in first snow. The snow crystals reflecting light, tree branches covered in frosting. It's a quiet sort of beauty. The many shades of snow.

Kylmä ilta. 2005

Contemporary Finnish Art 

Early oil paintings by Paavo Stenius. Finnish nature scenes on canvas. Contemporary art, landscapes, bird paintings and more.