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Paavo Stenius Art Gallery

Being based near Jyväskylä, I'm lucky to be surrounded by some of Finland's most beautiful landscapes. My atelier is set up in the basement of the family home, a 1940s building that I renovated with my wife Meri to feature green technology such as geothermal heating. Thanks to giving up costly fossil-fuel energy, the basement is now warm enough year-round to paint without resorting to wearing winter-gear indoors – something I used to do!! However, I do like to paint outdoors whatever the season - there's always something inspiring to observe and put onto the canvas. Please get in touch to arrange a visit!

Paavo Stenius Art & Gallery 

Paavo Stenius Home Atelier & Gallery is located near Jyväskylä in central Finland. Surrounded by forests, lakes and nature life. Experience Finnish nature.