• Ostoskorisi on tyhjä

2006 marked a watershed moment on my path as an artist. I started feeling increasingly interested in expressionism. Finding the essence of each scenery, animal or person, and presenting it through bold colours. I want to portray the beauty of each subject in full colour, to define and express the colourful, energetic essence of each one.

Talvipäivän aurinko ja punaiset linnut. 2007

Red birds and winter sun.

The pairing of red birds and a snowy winter landscape is one that has inspired me on many an occasion. A Finnish forest scene basking in glorious winter sun....there's a miraculous quality of luminosity, the short while when the setting sun colours the snow-clad scenery in bright shades. And the common bullfinch in magnificent red, bracing the cold, taking in the sun.

Blue nails.

Winter landscape, quiet and at rest like the hibernating bear. The king of the forest knows how to rest, living in tune with nature. Gathering its strength for the months of midsummer sun when it's time to forage and raise the young. I sometimes think nature knows better to take the opportunity and rest over winter. Just imagining the bear's den has an element of something deeply restful...cosy and protected from frozen winds, sleeping, restoring one's strength.  

Open lake of June

This oil painting of the Finnish lake district is a scenery near my gallery. Lake Päijänne is stunning anytime of the year, but the colours of early summer are especially inspiring. The green of the forest, the pine trees that reach for the sky, and the surface of the lake that reflects the sky.

Contemporary Finnish Art

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